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Condominium & Terrace House


Lake Point Residence brings you a perfect balance of Indulgence & Wellness? A home is a place where you should feel relaxed after a long day. Therefore, we are focusing on a “zen-living” lifestyle.

Lake Point Residence believes a perfect union of wind & water creates the utmost balance in living a calm lifestyle. Cyberjaya is a place where you can enjoy every moment of your life without thinking about the busy and crowded city. Find the true meaning of life here in Lake Point Residences.

Why Feng?

A gentle breeze carried by the wind, infusing cool rejuvenating vibes for all living souls and iIndulge a lavish surroundings by savouring every moment in your dream home.

Why Shui?

Waters of tranquillity carries the wave of wellness of the surrounding abodes. A balanced modernity amidst a calming vicinity, creating the perfect nest for a family to grow & enjoy.

Phase 1 & 2 (Completed & Fully Sold)

Open For Sale

Lake Point Residences are designed with 3 different types based on the square ft. This is to cater for everyone.

  • Type J/J1 > 968 sq ft
  • Type K/K1 > 1054 sq. ft
  • Type L/L1 > 1210 sq. ft

Lake Point Residence Phase 3 Luxury Condominium provides open spaces, park, clubhouse, gardens and many more just for all the outdoor activities for your absolute peace of mind. Our security system is top notch where we are fully equipped with 24-hour surveillance, exclusive access card and guarded patrol to ensure all residences are safe 24/7.

Lake Point Residence Phase 4 is a living space specially designed to give everyone the feel of being close to nature. Now, everyone can enjoy the private greenery space.

Phase 3

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